The Devil: A Biography 

Greg Caggiano, instructor
Since the dawn of humanity, the notion of good vs. evil has played a part in our daily lives. This lecture will examine our constructs of the Devil, also known as Lucifer and the anti-Christ. We will work our way through antiquity, Judeo-Christian theology, and end in modern times with a study of demonology and Satan’s role in popular culture and books and movies such as The Exorcist.
ZOOM Wed, Oct 6, 6-8pm
Fee & Code: $29, XHUMN 329

Vampires: History, Myth, And Movies

Greg Caggiano, instructor
Are vampires simply legends or something more? Our journey will cover the historical basis, folklore, and pop culture evolution of the vampire from a hideous monster into a suave and sexy predator as seen in many Hollywood films. Learn how Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee transformed our interpretations, and how Bram Stoker based one of the most famous horror characters of all-time on a real person, Vlad Tepes. Sometimes fact can be scarier than fiction.
ZOOM Tues, Oct 12, 10 am-noon
Fee and Code: $29, XHUMN 318

Today’s Toxic Political Dialogue

Today’s Toxic Political Dialogue Lawrence Bashe, instructor There is general agreement on all sides that our present political dialogue is divisive and devoid of traditional compromise. However, there is little agreement on what to do about it. This discussion will answer the question of whether today’s problems are unique in US history or not. What can be done to change it? 
Sec 2: ZOOM Mon, Oct 11, 10:30-noon
Fee and Code: $24, XHUMN 073

The Enduring Legacy Of Alexander Hamilton

 Lawrence Bashe, instructor
Founding Father Alexander Hamilton greatly influenced the content of our US Constitution. He campaigned for its adoption by the Thirteen States as one of the authors of the Federalist Papers. He had the clearest vision of how to create a US Economy and how it would develop in the future. As the First Secretary of the Treasury he set the course for how to finance the new federal government and establish the country’s strong credit. His economic vision and leadership paved the way for the Gold Standard, a national currency, the industrialization of the country in the post-Civil War period and the creation of the Federal Reserve System more than a hundred years later under Woodrow Wilson. Did the musical “Hamilton” get it right?  Sec 2: ZOOM Tues, Oct 19, 10:30-noon
Fee and Code: $24, XHUMN 140

U.S. Politics Of 1961 vs 2021

 Robert Salman, Esq, litigator and former Seton Hall adjunct law professor
Join this intriguing comparison of the politics of ’61 vs ’21. We’ll also examine the NJ and VA Governor races, the NYC mayoral race and look ahead to the 2022 congressional races. Our instructor serves as a member of the New Jersey Democratic State Committee representing Monmouth County. This discussion was originally prepared for a reunion of his Columbia College classmates, who graduated in ’61.
ZOOM Mon, Oct 25, 10-11:30 am
Fee and Code: $24, XHUMN 305

No Greater Love: The Hunger Strike In Ireland

Henry McNally, MA, Fordham, Irish historian, recipient of the 2019 Eoin McKiernan Award
Forty years ago, the Hunger Strike, long a part of the Celtic tradition, reemerged in Ireland, changing the dynamics of Northern Ireland Politics and setting the stage for an eventual peaceful end to “The Troubles.” Those who died gave their lives freely and willingly for a cause in which they believed, enduring literally months of agony; they died as patriots and as heroes. Examine the events leading to the adoption by political prisoners of this extraordinary measure.  Learning experience will be enhanced by viewings of relevant film clips and YouTube videos.
Sect 2: ZOOM Fri, Oct 1-29, 10:30 am-noon
Fee & Code: $79, XIRIG 154

Ireland’s “Petticoat Pilots:” Female Aviators of the 1900s

 Maureen Dunphy-Brady, MA, NYU Glucksman Ireland House, Irish historian
Meet the first women pilots to take to the skies in Ireland in the 1900s. These daring trailblazers competed in flying competitions, set world records in altitude and distance flying, and flew long-distance solo endurance flights. Their impressive feats, combined with their glamorous, aristocratic lifestyles, made newspaper headlines and their names were known all over the world. Although their stories are largely forgotten, these women were remarkable pioneers in the early days of aviation and their stories are a thrilling part of the history of flight. 4 SESSIONS
ZOOM Mon, Nov 1-22, 10:30 am-noon
Fee & Code: $79, XIRIG 155

Contemporary Irish Short Stories

Rath DeHoust, Irish language and literature lifelong learning instructor
Sometimes, it’s the simple things that hold the most mystery. And so, it is with the Irish Short Story, where the works of contemporary writers present a representation of the Individual, the Community, and the Nation. From history and the passage of time to gender and power, join us as we explore and compare the works of Colum McCann, Claire Keegan, Edna O’Brien, Kevin Barry and others. Stories will be sent upon registration. 4 SESSIONS
ZOOM Mon, Nov 1-22, 7-8:30 pm
Fee & Code: $69, XIRIL 157

Friday Morning Musing For Short Story Lovers

Dillies Pilevsky, English and history instructor
Delve into short stories by the greatest of writers. Discover and relish the many aspects of a fascinating story – character, plot, setting, and the life experience of the author. Share in discussions of stories that move us to better understand ourselves and each other.
Sect 1: Short stories by Joyce Carol Oates, Fri, Sept 10-24
Sect 2: Short stories by Anton Chekhov, Fri, Oct 8-22
Fee and Code: $49, XHUML 099

TIME: The Mystery At The Heart Of The Universe

Sarbmeet Kanwal, PhD, physicist
What is time? It is not what a clock’s hands read. The significance of time and whether it even exists have been a subject of philosophical debate since Newton’s time. Einstein famously declared time to be a stubbornly persistent illusion. John Wheel
er said time is what prevents everything from happening at once. Time stops inside a black hole. The latest theory of quantum gravity suggests that time emerged during the Big Bang from the quantum nature of space. This course will explore an enigma of our universe that is perhaps one of the deepest and the most mystifying. 3 SESSIONS
ZOOM Fri, Oct 29-Nov 12, 2-4 pm
Fee and Code: $69,

iPhone Tips And Tricks 

Stephen Fowler, instructor
Are you getting the most out of your iPhone or iPad? Take advantage of the amazing technology in your pocket, and learn how to take the best photos, task Siri to set your alarm, organize your apps and folders, send an email, backup your iPhone to iCloud, and more! 3 SESSIONS ZOOM Tues, Nov 23-Dec 7, 5:30-7 pm
Fee and Code: $65, XPERS 288

Remembering Jimmy Mirikitani & The Internment Camps Of World War II

Professor Bonagura, Director of Brookdale’s Center for World War II Studies & Conflict Resolution.
We’ll look back at the life and art of Jimmy Mirikitani made famous in the documentary film The Cats of Mirikitani by Linda Hattendorf. Let us remember Jimmy as an incredible human being and dedicated artist, while thinking about what lessons can be learned moving forward, seeking justice, equality and a better future.
Wed, Oct 20, 7-9 pm
Fee & Code: $19, XWWTS 313
Free for students

Covid-19 & The Plight Of North Korean Refugees

 Rachel Stine, senior North Korea analyst, Asia Institute
As part of our on-going conflict resolution series, we will address the latest updates on the conditions for North Korean refugees during a global pandemic with our long-time contributor, Rachel Stine. Ms. Stine has worked with North Korean refugees for over ten years. Today, she lives in Jeju Island, where she serves a senior North Korea analyst at the Asia Institute. Her writing for such publications as The Huffington Post and The Korea Times covers human rights, foreign policy, geek culture, and traditional arts.
Wed, Nov 10, 7-8:30 pm
Fee & Code: $19, XWWTS 314
Free for students

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