You are never too old to set another goal or to dream another dream. - C.S. Lewis

You got through the 60’s before you turned 20. But getting through the 20’s after you turn 60 will require some radical ideas.

Do Something Radical

Pursue an Associate Degree at Brookdale
Online or On campus

Whether first diploma, one of many, or crowning accomplishment, this one is personal.

Here’s a Sample of Academic Programs Options

• Architecture, A.S.
• Art Option, Humanities, A.A.
• Creative Writing, Humanities, A.A.
• Culinary Arts, A.A.S.
• Engineering, A.S. 
• English Option, Humanities, A.A.
• Interior Design, A.A.S.
• Music Option, Humanities, A.A.

• Philosophy Option, Social Sciences, A.A.
• Photography Option, Humanities, A.A.
• Physics Option, Mathematics/Science, A.S.
• Political Science Option, Social Sciences, A.A.
• Psychology Option, Social Sciences, A.A.
• Sociology Option, Social Sciences, A.A.
• Women’s & Gender Studies, Humanities, A.A
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