The survivors were like walking skeletons – the men gaunt and haggard, stamped with the livid mark of hunger; the children crying with pain; the women in some of the cabins too weak to stand. – W.E. Forster, 1847

The Great Irish Potato Famine – Some Perspective at 175 Years

As we relish the abundance of the holiday season, it seems a fitting time for gratitude and remembrance. Join us for a full day of Irish Heritage presented by esteemed Irish scholars. 


New and Continuing Considerations of the Great Hunger

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Maureen O’Rourke Murphy, Hofstra University, directed the Great Irish Famine Project for New York State

Post-Famine Ireland: “Changed, Changed Utterly” 

Maureen Dunphy-Brady, MA, NYU Glucksman Ireland House, Irish historian 

Famine Emigrants and a New America 

Henry McNally, MA, Fordham, Irish historian, recipient of the 2019 Eoin McKiernan Award

Cook College Ramblers

Clap your hands, Tap your feet.  Sing along to favorite Irish tunes.

Irish Poetry & A Tale or Two

Micheal O'Maille, Irish historian 

Friday, Dec 3, 9:45 am-2:45 pm
Fee & Code: $69, XIRIG 142, lunch included

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