That is what learning is. You suddenly understand something you’ve understood all your life, but in a new way. – Doris Lessing 


U.S. History & Politics

Meet The Presidents: Founding Fathers

Daniel Radel, history instructor, journalist
Revisit the Early American Republic through the eyes of the first presidents. Start with George Washington, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson and the Age of Federalism; go to James Madison and the War of 1812, James Monroe and the Compromise of 1820, John Quincy Adams’ so-called Corrupt Bargain and end with “Old Hickory” Andrew Jackson. 3 SESSIONS
Fri, Nov 5-19, 10 am-noon
Fee & Code: $69, XHUMN 288 

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Christian Perez, instructor 

The Consequences Of Conspiracy Theories

What is the harm in believing things that aren’t true? Explore the often-high costs associated with believing conspiracy theories, pseudoscience, and fake news. Far too often we relegate these ideas to the fringes of society. But as we’ve seen in recent years they have crept into the mainstream and even the highest office in the land. From flat-earthers to white supremacists to UFOs to January 6th, 2021, we will examine various ideas and events and highlight their dubious place in American conspiracy theory history. Are these wrong ideas something new or the same old stuff with a new coat of paint?
Thurs, Nov 4, 6-8 pm
Fee & Code: $29, XHUMN 336

Mara Aderly-O’Kelly, professional opera singer, Co-Founder MusicWise LLC

Giacomo Puccini – Bravo!

Explore and celebrate the beautiful and unabashedly romantic works of Giacomo Puccini. He was the leading exponent of the genre of opera known as ‘verismo’ – Italian for ‘realism’. Examine two of his most popular operas, Madame Butterfly and La Boheme. We’ll also look at the related Broadway hits, Miss Saigon and Rent. Video clips and live performance – Mara will sing pieces and demonstrate passages from the operas – will provide a unique ‘edu-tainment experience.’
Thurs, Dec 2, 9, 16, 10:30 am-noon
Fee & Code: $69, XHUMM 085 

Bruce Brickman, Esq

Coming In January!
You Be The Judge!

Examine three landmark Supreme Court cases recently argued, but not yet decided. Gain a deeper understanding of the court and of each Justice’s interpretative prism – through questions that test arguments, ensnare advocates or support key issues. We’ll evaluate the clarity of the advocate’s narrative and discuss strength of response. Which Justices were most obvious in their preference? You will decide on each case and vote! After the court rules, you will be informed of their decision and find out how close your opinions were to the Supreme Court opinions. Bruce K. Brickman, who no longer actively practices law, brings his passion to the classroom. He teaches understanding of the Constitution through consequential Supreme Court decisions. You don’t want to miss these court dates!
Wed, Jan 12-26, 10:30 am – noon
Fee and Code: $69, XHUMN 325

Lifelong Learning

FALL 2021